Editorial Guide

This editorial guide describes the new web presence of KIT and is to be used as a basis and help for designing the websites by all web editors, responsible officers, and web administrators at KIT institutions.

Our Approach: Digital First

Attracting the most talented students and most outstanding scientists from all over the world, intensifying transfer to industry and dialog with society – these are the goals of KIT’s public communication. Today, first contacts with prospective students, international researchers, applicants for jobs in administrative and technical departments, or citizens interested in science happen on the internet. KIT’s homepage has a modern, responsive design optimized for mobile end devices. The information provided is adjusted to target groups and offered in a user-friendly way.

KIT’s web appearance is the entrance gate to the topics covered by KIT’s work. Our target groups are to find everything they want to know as easily as possible. This is facilitated by a modern and attractive layout as well as by a simple and clear navigation.

One Website for All Devices

KIT’s web appearance is displayed optimally on all common end devices. The layout is responsive, which means that the layout and contents adapt automatically to various screen sizes. No matter whether users use their smartphones or desktop PCs, the website will always be displayed in a standardized layout. These are the most important features:

  • The contents are flexible and adapt automatically to the screen size.
  • Automatic line wrapping is used.
  • Images are scaled automatically.

Target Groups

KIT’s web appearance focuses on the following target groups:

  • Students;
  • Scientists;
  • Applicants;
  • Representatives of politics, industry, and society.

Contacts and Responsible Departments


Frequently asked questions about the web relaunch and working with the content management system can be found on the SCC website.