Videos play an important role in public relations and are an essential component of KIT's internal and external presentation. In order to ensure a uniform appearance and the recognizability of the KIT brand, essential design elements are to be used for all video productions realized by Business Units itself or commissioned externally:

  • KIT logo
  • Lower Thirds (belly bands) and text overlays
  • Title/Intro
  • Credits with information on creation date as well as editorial and production details

Belly bands should locate the participants at KIT:

  • Maria Musterfrau, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Max Mustermann, Institute for XY/Function, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

In order to allow the greatest possible freedom of design for different use cases, templates and examples in different variants are available for the elements mentioned. The templates are accompanied by a handout. For external productions, the templates are to be passed on to the production company/agency.

With the Center for Media Learning (ZML), KIT has an institution that can professionally support you from the conceptual design to the creation of video products. Alternatives in case of unavailability of the ZML will be given to you on request by STS-Gesamtkommunikation.


When scheduling your production, please keep in mind that videos must be submitted to STS Corporate Communications (STS-GK) and STS Central Marketing (SEK-ZM) for approval prior to publication and may require post-production editing.

Please note that videos that do not use these templates will not be published on STS-GK operated and responsible channels (e.g., YouTube and other social media platforms) and websites (including
Exceptions include, for example, short clips of less than one minute produced with a smartphone that do not tell a story in the strictest sense, but are for illustrative purposes only and are intended solely for posting on social media platforms. Examples: Devices, apparatus, etc. in motion, experiments in the lab, exhibits at trade shows, for example.

Please send videos for approval to STS Corporate Communications and STS Central Marketing .


Konzeptionelle Beratung, Fragen zur Veröffentlichung von Videos:



Fragen zu den Gestaltungselementen: 

STS-Zentrales Marketing


Handreichung "Gestaltung von Videos" (pdf, 4 MB)


In terms of accessibility, KIT is required to publish only videos with subtitles on its platforms. Since the subsequent creation of subtitles is very time-consuming, videos can only be published on the YouTube channel and the Facebook page of KIT if an .SRT file ("SubRip") is provided by the OUs. If you have any questions about this, please contact STS Corporate Communications.

Further information on the topic of "Accessibility

Technical data

External productions should also be delivered in the usual formats used by public broadcasters. The television standard of scanning 4.2.2. must be met.

Possible formats are:

  • ARD-ZDF Profiles XDCAM HD422 1080i/25
  • Sony HD422 XDCAM PAL 25p
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ