Business cards

KIT provides its employees with business cards in obligatory KIT design in case of official need.

Business cards can be ordered in German, English or German/English. In the case of a monolingual business card, it is possible to have a QR code with contact data generated on the back. The business cards can additionally be printed with the logo of the respective Business Unit. Third-party logos (external partners, associations, etc.) are not permitted.


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Order process and costs

The creation of the standard business cards is done via an input mask in the intranet. After clicking the link you will be asked to enter your KIT account (e.g. ab1234) and password. After logging in, personal data from SAP are stored in the mask. You can still make changes to it. If you order business cards for superiors, please log in with your KIT account as well and overwrite the data accordingly. (Exception: cost center) The information on the business cards must be coordinated with the respective head of the business unit (OE) before ordering and must take governance into account.

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For special cases that cannot be created using the input buttons, the graphics team at AServ-Dokumente-Crossmedia is responsible. For these services, there is a charge of 35 euros for the design.


Only information about the activity at KIT is permitted.

1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - The name appears in German or English.

2. OE (DE/staff unit/area and institute).

  • The OE can be indicated in one or two lines.
  • Governance must be observed.

3. title and name

  • Titles that are part of the name (Prof. and Dr.) are listed here.
  • English: German titles will not be changed to English titles.

4. other titles - the academic degree that is not part of the name is listed after the name on the same line.

5. function or job title

  • The title given should be unique and as consistent as possible.
  • It must be agreed upon in advance with the responsible management.

6. street, building

7. postal code, city - English: "Germany" is indicated after the city

8. telephone and fax

  • The area code is separated from the main number by a space.
  • Extensions are separated by a hyphen.
  • English: The indication of the international dialing code is mandatory.

9. cell phone

10. e-mail - Only the official e-mail address is allowed: vorname name does-not-exist.kit edu

11. URL of the OE

12. registered office of the entity

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