Since August 15, 2023, Professor Dr. Oliver Kraft represents KIT internally and externally until the entry into service of a new President. His correct designation is:  

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft

Acting President of KIT

In German:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft

In Vertretung des Präsidenten des KIT

Kindly update the communications materials of your organizational units. (see Circular)

Printed materials

The gray media frame will no longer be used in the future. It will be replaced by a white area. The use of the round-corner principle is mandatory on title pages to create a white media frame. Alternatively, an outline must be drawn around the image motif. The image area can be as large as desired towards the top, from 1/3 to 1/1 format. The mission statement and the URL of KIT are still set in the lower white area.

The design of printed materials is handled by the graphics team in the AServ-Crossmedia Department. In principle, all communication materials should be approved by STS-ZM prior to production.

In accordance with the Executive Committee resolution of May 30, 2016, recycled paper with the "Blue Angel" seal of approval must be used for all published printed materials. A corresponding notice must be applied.

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