Large Header Image

Mandatory for the Start Page

The header image helps the user find out where on the KIT websites he/she is. As a standard, the element contains the name of the organizational unit. In addition, an individual graphic element or an image/photo may be inserted. The big header image must be used on the start page of the organizational unit.

NOTE: The header image should be 1920x700px.

You have two options:

  • Large header image
  • Large header image with teasers, access via target groups

The header images can be selected under “Einstellungen” (settings):

  1. Rahmenseite bearbeiten (edit frame page)
  2. Einstellungen (settings)
  3. Kopfbildgröße (size of header image)

Large Header Image with Teasers, Access via Target Groups

Großes Kopfbild mit Themen-Teaser KIT
Large Header Image with Teasers, Access via Target Groups

This option allows to prominently place special topics at the top of the page. Here, institutes can present in a pooled form (dossier) a topic that currently is in the focus of scientific or social discussion. Or organizational units can present current actions (“enroll now”, “apply now”, etc.).

The accesses via target groups below the header image are to directly address especially relevant target groups. Here, “early-stage researchers,” “master’s students,” “cooperation partners,” or “alumni” are addressed and guided to the topics relevant to them. Please use uniform / standardized terms.

This option can only be used for start pages.