Access via Target Groups

The accesses via target groups positioned below the header image are reserved for directly addressing highly relevant target groups. Here, “early-stage researchers,” “master’s students,” “cooperation partners,” or “alumni” are addressed and guided to the topics relevant to them. Please use uniform terms.

Limit the access via target groups to a maximum of 4.


News Box

Newsboxen KIT
News Boxes

News boxes are used to publish news. The news box should always contain an image/photo, a teaser text, and a link to the news text proper. Teaser texts are short and concise and arouse the reader’s interest in the text proper.

NOTE: Do NOT insert complete articles. The teaser text should not exceed about 200 characters. Place several news boxes in a row and take care that the lengths of the texts are about the same.

Teaser Box

Teaser boxes guide the user’s attention to a certain content and by clicking a button, the user is guided to the text. Images, photos, graphics, or texts may be inserted into the boxes. Teaser boxes are particularly suited for guiding users to services or contact points.

Teaser Box

It may contain an interesting text.

zum Artikel

Colored Boxes

Colored boxes serve to highlight passages (e.g. quotes) in the text. The colors may be chosen from a defined range of colors. The boxes cannot be clicked.


“Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”


The banner is an image element covering the entire width of the page. On the banner, a short text may be placed. The banner is used to make the page layout less monotonous.

Enter visually powerful topics of high relevance to your communication goals or your target groups. Banners cannot be clicked.