With the new navigation structure, we offer the user a topic- or target group-oriented clear entry and show him the way to the KIT topics.

To enable our target groups to find everything they need to know as quickly as possible, the following navigation options are available:

Horizontal navigation

Horizontale Navigation

The website has a horizontal main navigation. Menu items of the 1st level are always displayed in the page header. The menu bar with KIT logo remains fixed in the page header when scrolling the page (so-called "sticky header").


Levels 2 to 4 of the navigation are implemented as drop-down menus, i.e. the menu items drop down when the user touches menu items of the 1st level with the cursor.


Starting from the 5th level, the navigation is only displayed in the breadcrumb. Breadcrumb navigation is a link path that provides optimal orientation and simplifies backward navigation. Subitems pop up when you click on corresponding entries.







  • Keep your target audience and external view in mind when developing the navigation structure.
  • Limit yourself to 5-7 navigation items.
  • Make the headings of the navigation items as meaningful as possible.
  • Pay attention to the number of characters in the headings. Limit the run length of the horizontal navigation.

Uniform terms

In order to maintain a uniform representation of the 1st level, we recommend the following terms:

  • Business unit abbreviation
  • Research
    Under "Research", for example, research topics, research and work groups, etc. can be represented.
  • Study
    Under "Study", for example, study offers, lectures and the like can be represented.
  • Innovation
    Under "Cooperation", for example, cooperations and research partners can be presented.