Decentralized logos and additional logos

In all media, KIT must unmistakably appear as the main sender.

Logos of institutes, service units or other units of KIT are always to be treated subordinately.

The following must be observed when dealing with subordinate logos:

  • A decentralized logo may not be used in centralized communication.
  • Decentralized logos must always be used together with the KIT logo to show affiliation.
  • The additional logo must not encroach on the protected zone of the KIT logo.
  • The size of the additional logo may not exceed 2/3 of the size of the KIT logo.
  • The additional logo is hierarchically placed below the KIT logo.
  • Decentralized logos should preferably be a word mark and not a word-picture mark. The logo should be discreet and must not compete with the KIT logo.
  • No elements of the KIT logo may be used in the design of decentralized logos.
  • Decentralized logos must be coordinated with STS Central Marketing.

Logo for student societies

Student societies registered with the AStA may use an appropriate logo with additional lettering to indicate their affiliation with KIT. The use of the umbrella brand is not permitted. Free university groups are not allowed to use it. The logo for registered student societies is based on the KIT logo in terms of size, application and placement.

Logo für registrierte Hochschulgruppen KIT