Design elements for videos

The design elements are intended to communicate a uniform appearance of KIT in videos and increase the recognition value. The defaults can be adapted in style to the respective application - get creative!


This page shows examples for the design of

  • titles,
  • belly bands,
  • captions and
  • credits.

For detailed information, dimensions, and more examples of video design, see the handout.


Title backgrounds are composed of your own image or one of the three KIT image motifs (shadow shapes, shadow fans, shadow dots) in the color gradients.

  • KIT green - KIT blue for general, overarching KIT themes,
  • Light green - yellow for the energy theme,
  • Light green - light blue for the mobility theme,
  • Blue - Purple for the topic of information.

Information and download of the image motifs

  • The KIT logo with 20% transparency is placed on the top left. The choice of logo color (black or white) depends on the higher contrast to the background. For your own motifs, please ensure sufficient contrast. The contrast can also result from the movement of the background. For better readability, the KIT logo is used in special form (without subline).
  • Font for texts: Roboto
  • Color of the line: This can be colored individually with colors from the KIT color palette.
Titelbeispiel für Videos
Example title
Beispiel für einen Titel in einem Video
Example title

Belly band

Belly bands can be plain or - optionally - provided with an area element. For the display duration of the belly band, the KIT logo (in special form without subline) is faded in on the opposite side at the upper edge with 20% transparency for members of KIT. It is not used for external users.

PNG files with already set logos can be downloaded in full HD and in 4K.

For KIT members, please enter "Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)" or the German translation as subtitle.

A PowerPoint template including instructions is available for download.

Captions / text overlays

Labels and text overlays are structured in the same way as belly bands. The line is a fixed component. With background area, the corner points to the element to be described. Without, the line takes over this function.

Beispiel für eine Bauchbinde im Video
Example belly band plain
Beispiel für eine Bauchbinde im Video
Example belly band optional area element
Beispiel für eine Beschriftung in einem Video KIT
Example labeling with optional area element


  • Contributors, logos of partners, source information, licenses find their place in the credits.
  • In the credits, the full KIT logo (with subline) is mandatory to be used at the top.
  • A line is inserted flush above the text. It has the same size ratio as in the title.
  • Logos of organizational units and projects must be significantly smaller than the KIT logo in the hierarchy (max 2/3).
  • To better distinguish contents from the background, gradients can be used. Provided that no subtitles that can be switched on cover the content, a gradient from below is also possible.
Beispiel für Abspann in einem Video
Example credits
Beispiel für Abspann in einem Video KIT
Example credits